“Divorce Attorney Near Me” – Why Choosing A Local Divorce Attorney Is Important

“Divorce Attorney Near Me” – Why Choosing A Local Divorce Attorney Is Important

Choosing the Right Attorney For You

There is a lot to consider when retaining a lawyer to handle your divorce or divorce-related matters, such as custody, alimony, and equitable distribution.

Before retaining a divorce attorney, you will first want to ensure that you and your attorney have similar goals for your case. Second, you will want to make sure that your attorney will be available and accessible based on the level of involvement you are seeking in your case. Finally, an important factor is the location of your attorney’s office and his or her familiarity with the court in which the proceedings in your case will take place. Never retain an attorney before having a consultation with him or her to discuss the priorities for your case, communication with your attorney moving forward, and making sure that they are familiar with the court where your specific case will be handled.

“Divorce Attorney Near Me”

Retaining an experienced local attorney comes with significant benefits. Divorce attorneys practicing in a particular county or counties are likely to be much more familiar than out-of-county attorneys with the other divorce attorneys practicing in that county. Even more, if your attorney has had cases in the past involving your spouse’s attorney, your legal team will have a leg up by being prepared for how that attorney practices. With that knowledge, your attorney will be in a better position to strategize as to how to approach the case to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Knowing the System

Attorneys who practice regularly in a specific county or counties also become familiar with the judges and court staff in each county. Knowing how specific judges approach a variety of issues can be a huge benefit. Your attorney will know to approach an issue with a certain judge in one fashion and use a different strategy with another. A knowledgeable local attorney will appreciate and know that tailoring the argument in a certain way may be necessary if appearing in front of different judges. Additionally, your attorney will likely also know the specific procedures for filing and appearances in the courthouse. This type of knowledge can help to streamline your case and prevent unnecessary delays and expenses.

Maximizing Your Budget

Retaining local counsel can also result in a significant cost savings. Your attorney will charge you for travel, including for court appearances, conferences at the adversary’s office and other meetings in your case. If you are involved in a highly contentious case where multiple appearances in court or meetings with the adversary, accountants and other individuals located outside of the county where you attorney’s office is located, you will be paying for your attorney to make the commute. While saving on commuting costs should not be your first concern in retaining the right attorney for the job, consideration of these potential costs should not be ignored.

Local Expertise

Finally, retaining a local attorney provides you the benefit of having an attorney who likely knows facts relevant to your case with which an out-of-county attorney would not be familiar. Local attorneys likely have a familiarity with local schools your children may attend; the area in which you presently reside; and local resources that may be helpful in the divorce process—including local appraisers; forensic accountants; and mediators. This type of knowledge can help to give you an advantage in your case from the onset.

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