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Child custody is often a significant source of anxiety for divorcing couples. Issues relating to the custody of the children are often fraught with emotion and highly contentious.

Parties involved in custody disputes must protect their rights and look to achieve a healthy, sustainable outcome so that the best interests of the child are realized. Child custody can be a life-changing decision for everyone involved, as parents must contemplate a life in which they may not see their child on a daily basis. When parents cannot agree upon custody, the court will adjudicate the issue. The Family Law Offices of Megan S. Murray provides experienced, dedicated legal representation to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your child.

What Does Child Custody In NJ Really Mean?

There are two types of child custody in the state of New Jersey: legal custody and physical custody.

Legal custody, the power to make important decisions regarding your children, can be awarded to one parent or both. In most cases, parents share joint legal custody, such that they will consult and confer with each other as to major decisions relating to their children’s health, education and well-being. However, legal custody is not appropriate in every case. The counsel of an experienced, dedicated attorney can be invaluable in achieving an arrangement that protects your rights and is in the best interest of your child.

Separately, physical custody refers to the location of the children and where they spend their time. Parenting time schedules can vary significantly based on the unique facts and circumstances of each case.


What Factors Are Considered in Determining Child Custody?

A judge’s primary responsibility is to protect the best interests of the child. In making custody determinations,  New Jersey courts will consider the following factors:

the parents' ability to agree, communicate and cooperate in matters relating to the child;

the parents' willingness to accept custody and any history of unwillingness to allow parenting time not based on substantiated abuse;

the interaction and relationship of the child with its parents and siblings;

the history of domestic violence, if any;

the safety of the child and the safety of either parent from physical abuse by the other parent;

the preference of the child, when the child is of sufficient age and capacity to form an independent/informed decision;

the needs of the child;

the stability of the home environment offered;

the quality and continuity of the child's education;

the fitness of the parents;

the geographical proximity of the parents' homes;

the extent and quality of the time spent with the child prior to or subsequent to the separation;

the parents' employment responsibilities; and the age and number of the children.

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